TERA Leveling Guide – Argon Guide Review

On June 19, 2012 by Mayu

The Chore of Leveling

As a 3rd generation MMORPG, TERA offers a lot of new gameplay features not seen in such games before, but at the core it follows the usual grind and leveling process that evolves your character as you play along. For those of you who have been playing MMOs for years, this may be a bit boring after a while and undoubtedly you would prefer to max out as soon as possible, particularly if you’re interested in proper PvP or challenging raids.

Even if you are to enjoy your first character by playing normally and not rushing through, leveling eventually becomes a repeatable tedious process, especially with TERA’s early level design that is catered more towards newbies and does not represent a challenge. How many times have you seen people soloing BAMs (bad-ass monsters)? If you haven’t , know that it’s a pretty common occurrence. Imagine now that you eventually max out your first character after a couple of months and want to roll a new one – care to go through all that again? And then again?

If you’re like me and you want to speed up the leveling process as much as possible whenever you want, there are a few choices – learn the game (takes a lot of time), pay for power leveling (takes a lot of money) or use a guide. Here I’m going to focus on the last bit and review a guide I found a few weeks ago that really opened my eyes – the Argon Guide for TERA Power Leveling.

Guide Overview

As I was expecting from such a guide, it skips all the generic useless talk and goes straight to the actual information you need to get started with improving your leveling rates.

The sections cover the typical aspects of what affects leveling – choice, combination and chain of quests, appropriate hunting grounds, optimal gear depending on your class, useful buffs, group class arrangement and so on.

The guide also goes into detail on more advanced stuff such as character creation (racial passives vs. class), character builds (gear, stat modifiers), positioning and timing during combat, efficient skill chains, PvP tips for late game, crafting, and other information that can only be found through a lot of trial and error, taking a lot of play time.

Guide Pros and Cons

No guide is perfect and this one is no exception, but I was surprised by how well structured, concise and down to the point the information in this one is presented. It is clear that the guide’s authors know their stuff and know how to express their knowledge in an understandable manner. In addition, there is no aspect that is not touched upon, at least I couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to learn and that wasn’t covered.

One more positive factor about this guide is that you get free updates whenever the game changes via patches and expansions, and the authors have to change the content to fit the new stuff. While this may not seem like much, you are probably aware how much MMOs tend to change over time and how knowledge about specific things can become obsolete and irrelevant. With free updates guaranteed, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a guide that may become useless after a while.

On the negative side, I think in general this guide is mainly focused to less experienced players, not just in TERA but in MMOs as well. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you can tell there is more to some aspects of the game that probably deserve a whole separate guide on their own, particularly when it comes to PvP and end-game builds, but after all, the guide’s focus is mainly on leveling and it does a top notch job exploring that.

Another slightly disappointing thing is the lack of more detailed videos on some parts of the guide, but then again, I was never personally a big fan of video tutorials and much rather prefer to see the things with my own eyes and introduce my own personal touch. We’re supposed to be playing the game, not just copy someone else’s gameplay, right?

Conclusion and Final Verdict

As a relatively new player to TERA but not a new player in MMORPGs, I was very pleased with the Argon Guide and felt satisfied with how it enhanced my gameplay experience. It has allowed me to see and go through things in the game much earlier than I would have otherwise been able to do, and at the same time it has not taken away the enjoyment of exploring everything that was new to me in the game.

My final verdict on the guide is that it’s a worthy investment for anyone who plans to spend at least a couple of months playing TERA, and a must-have asset for the serious MMO player that wants to be among the best. While personal experience is always paramount, any additional help is welcome and with this guide you’re getting exactly that.

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